Thursday, May 17, 2012

found: The Best Creativity App

Have you guys heard of Paper by FiftyThree? It's a drawing/sketching app that's available for the iPad and is one of the most creative apps I've seen to date!
When you launch Paper, you're greeted with a series of beautifully designed notebooks. You can customize each one with different images, and change the names - we have one just for ideas and another for sketches. Then, just tap or pinch open a book and it unfolds in front of you, displaying a blank piece of paper just waiting for your next creation.

Once you open your notebook, you are given one free tool - the drawing ink pen. Which is actually extremely useful and very expressive - depending on how fast you draw determines how thick or thin the lines are. It's like being able to write out calligraphy without the years of practice to perfect the skill.

Although the app itself is free, the additional tools are at an additional cost. But trust me, if this is something that you're interested in - it's worth it. Adding these tools is actually what makes this app so incredible. You have a sketching pencil, a thick outliner, a writing pen and a watercolour brush. You can buy each separately, or the whole lot at a reduced price.

Each tool acts basically how you would expect them to, which in itself is simply remarkable. In no time, you are mastering watercolour techniques, sketching like a pro, and creating your own masterpieces. Even if you make a mistake - not to worry! By holding down two fingers on the screen and moving them in a counterclockwise motion, it reverses the actions you've just done.

And while this may not compare to real paper, where you can see the textures and smell the paint, it's as close as it's gonna get for something electronic. And this way - you can carry it with you where you go! Paper by 53 allows us to capture everyday on the fly - whenever you get an idea, you can easily open this app and write it down or do up a quick sketch.

Just check out some quick drawings that Sebastian created...

Then we named them. Meet Luigi (above) and The Sorcerer (below - this one's my favourite).
And best of all? You can link your drawings to your facebook, twitter, and e-mail and share with your family and friends.

You may not be an artist, but this app will make you believe you are. So get in touch with your creative side, and start creating your own works of art.

(All sketches are made by Sebastian)


  1. Dear Allison,

    I am suing you for copyright infringement. These sketches are limited edition, numero uno, best in the biz... and you just released them to the public without my consent.

    If you don't want to go to court, dinner better be delicious tonight.

  2. Oh, I totally got your consent. I just made sure you had a couple drinks in you first. Hahaha.

  3. You win this round...

  4. How fun! I really wish I had an iPad now. ;)

    - ashley

  5. Sebastian is really talented! Too bad that anonymous guy wants to sue you ;)

  6. Wow that's so cool.
    Sebastian needs the new stylus for ipad that my husband is working on!
    But his drawings are already amazing.


  7. Wow, this looks just amazing! I just need an Ipad now :) Would you recommend getting an it worth it. (not for the app, but life) :)

  8. Ok I need this!!! Oh and I fixed your button by the way :)