Wednesday, June 06, 2012

My Dream Vacation

I had the wonderful opportunity to guest post on Karissa's blog, Tragic & Lovely a couple months back and thought I would share this dream vacation with those of you who may have missed it! The timing couldn't be better since I'm gearing up to go on vacation... we leave tonight! This was back when Europe seemed so far away and of course, I didn't know that I would actually be venturing to Italy myself!

Hope you enjoy!...

Although, I’ve never been to Europe (yet – I’m going to Poland in June!), I just know I will absolutely love it – the people, the culture, the history! Everything about it absolutely fascinates me and I just want to hop on a plane and soak it all in. My only fear is… I won’t want to come back!

One dream vacation of mine is to travel to Italy. I yearn to go and gaze at the gorgeous buildings, learn about the different cities, speak with my hands, attempt to speak the language, oh, and eat and eat and eat.

But have you ever thought of experiencing Italy in a completely different and new way? Trust me, once you hear about this – you’ll want to book right away.

Imagine this: Travelling to Sicily, Italy and seeing the best of it. The way no regular tourist does. You’re travelling deep into the lesser known areas of this Mediterraneon island and your main source of transportation is your bicycle. Riding across seaside salt pans and through charming Italian towns, appreciating its true possibilities.

So how does it all work? An amazing company called Butterfield and Robinson. You book with them and they provide everything. (I mean, everything!) Hotels, great meals, amazing wines, the routes, experienced guides, a few insider secrets, and most importantly, the bikes!

You travel with a group who are just as excited about this adventure as you are! Meeting new people and making friendships that will last a lifetime. But don’t worry – they understand that if you’re travelling with someone, sometimes you need some alone time, so each trip offers the opportunity to dine independently from the group. And while all the routes are meticulously planned out – it’s your choice whether to follow them or not! Talk about flexibility! (They also do trips for families!)

My favourite part is having the expertise of their guides. 24/7. They show you the way, and handle all the logistics. Not having to worry about translating menus or signs, getting awesome recommendations on stores from the people who know best, insider information right from the source… where do I sign up?

They offer trips in Asia, Africa, North America, Latin America, France, Italy, and the rest of Europe. But for the sake of my hands, and the length of this post – I’m going to give you a snapshot of their Sicily, Italy trip. The one I’ve had my eye on.
It’s activity level is rated moderate (out of easy, moderate, and challenging – so don’t worry if you’re a beginner – there’s something for everyone) and this is how each day would go:

Day 1 Descend into Modica, famed for its Spanish baroque architecture and distinctive (not to mention delicious) chocolate
Day 2 After a morning cheese-making session, enjoy coastal riding—andperhaps a dip—before dinner at one of Italy’s top tables
Day 3 Visit magnificent Greek temples below the city of Agrigento withthe expert guidance of our friend Michele
Day 4 Unwind from a day of glorious biking on the grounds of a five-starresort, an oasis in the island’s western countryside
Day 5 Opt for the B&R Century Ride to the Tripani salt pans, with aboat ride to the island of Mozia
Day 6 Breakfast in Mazara del Vallo, then addiu in Palermo

The whole purpose of the trip is for you to really enjoy everything – so be sure to stop and smell the roses, taste the wine, indulge in a siesta, chat with the locals, and really take in the sights. All that with the security of having 24 hour support. No rushing, no pressure, no limits. It’s all about you, after all. Exactly how your next getaway should be.

Do you have your next trip booked? What’s your absolute dream vacation?

P.S. Make sure to keep checking back daily! I've scheduled posts for the next couple days and starting next week, I have some seriously awesome ladies who will be guest posting while I'm away! You're going to love hearing what they have to say! xo

(Photos via Butterfield and Robinson)


  1. I might have to check into that company. Have a great time on your trip,Allie! :)

  2. I love this idea! I'm checking Butterfield and Robinson out right now!

  3. Traveling around allows us to appreciate different culture and meet different people. Italy is a fine choice for a destination. With its rich history, you’ll surely fall in love with the places and people. Spend a day in a place like Sicily and you will see the inspiring story behind its ruins and temples. I do hope that someday you’ll just be amazed that your dream has come true. Capishe? Hehehe

    Odessa Kammel

  4. Capishe! Hahaha

    Italy now holds a special place in my heart! I find myself daydreaming about it now...

  5. Two thumbs up to you, Odessa! Italy is one of the places where people would want to go. The view of metropolis is magnificent, even at night. I also like their beaches, especially the Rabbit Beach. It is a white sand beach that shape like a croissant. Haha! The water there is clear and everything, like some beaches that we see on Caribbean.

    Darius Cartmell