Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Juice Cleanse

You may not know it, but we can be pretty hard on our bodies. Day after day, we’re not eating enough vegetables, not getting enough vitamins, and pumping ourselves full of sugar. It’s hard to avoid because the products we’re being sold are full of ingredients that really aren’t that great for us. Overtime, those toxins can build up and cause much more harm than good. For this reason, and many, many others, cleansing your body is an awesome way to keep you happy and healthy!

For months now, I’ve been wanting to do something. I knew my eating habits were not up to par and by the time I hit that 2pm wall, I’m left feeling tired and sluggish. I needed to treat my body the way it should be treated, I needed more energy, I needed that extra spring in my step! But alas, the thought of doing a cleanse is a little daunting. Do you remember when Sebastian did The Master Cleanse? Yea, not for me. I need food. Sebastian calls it “the fat aches”. I just don’t function without it and bringing me to the point of extreme hunger can be scary.

Then, miraculously, I was inspired by a post over at The Daybook about The Blueprint Cleanse. Have you heard of it? The jist? 6 juices a day for 3 days. Full of everything your body needs so you’re not left feeling hungry. The juices are designed to supply you with “vitamins, minerals and enzymes that are quickly absorbed and easy to assimilate.” It looked perfect. For three days I would fill my body up with the nutrients that it was being deprived of, and get rid of all that crap that’s built up over time. I’d feel more energetic, more alive, and I’d wake up knowing that I was doing something good for myself.

Then I saw the price tag. Not that I don’t think it’s a great service, but whoa. It is freaking ex-pen-siiive. I couldn’t justify spending that sort of cash and was left feeling disappointed and defeated. Until I realized that Google is everyone’s modern-day best friend.

And so, I hacked The Blueprint Cleanse. The “Renovation Cleanse” to be exact, which is the beginner’s step. The order of the juices are: Green Juice, P.A.M., Green Juice, Spicy Lemonade, C.A.R., and Cashew Milk.

Interested in giving it a go? Here’s how the program starts off:

This is six pounds of leafy wonder packed into this powerful selection of celery, cucumber, green apple, kale, lemon, parsley, romaine and spinach. This is easily replicated like the other juices as well.
For the same 16 ounces, gather organically-grown:
§  5 Ribs of Celery
§  1 Cucumber, Halved
§  2 Large Green Apples of Your Choice
§  3 Kale leafs
§  1 Ounce of Lemon juice
§  1 Handful of Parsley
§  3 Romaine leafs
§  1 Handful of Spinach
Just blend the ingredients together with a bit of water. This is to aid in loosening everything together, but not to change the consistency. When draining the mixture, use the pouch to catch the fiber, as we are only interested in the juice part. Make sure you press out all the juice. Fill that glass!

Click here to unveil the rest of the recipes for yourself. Keep in mind, it’s a lot of hard work and will take a fair bit of dedication to do it yourself. Sebastian and I did the cleanse together, so everything was doubled, but we ended up saving ourselves more than five. hundred. dollars. Totally worth it.
Check back for an inside look into my fridge, the shopping list you’ll need to get started, and exactly what my experience was like. The true, no holds barred version of my experience.

Have you done The Blueprint Cleanse before? Or any cleanse for that matter? How was it?


  1. i've done my own cleanse for 31 days (: and i felt AMAZING doing so...

    im going to start doing a one day a week cleanse... maybe two days, who knows!

    i just love my fruits and veggies (:

  2. I've never done a cleanse, but I need to!

  3. I'm not big on cleanses, BUT I have a peculiarly curious mind that always wants all the sordid details of things like this. Haha!

  4. I've been looking into DIY-ing a cleanse but could never find enough recipes. THANK YOU for these!

    The Glossy Life

  5. I've tried many different cleanses, master cleanse, Martha's Vineyard Cleanse, eating vegan, etc. The one thing about all of them, even if you shop for your own ingredients, it isn't cheap! Plus it is a huge commitment. But I'm glad you gave it a try, and I can't wait to hear your honest thoughts on the whole thing =)

  6. Wow, I have read a lot about cleanses, but this is the first one that I read and instantly went, "I want to do this!" Seriously, girl, I am going to try this soon. Thank you!!!
    Oh, Just Living the Dream

  7. Thank you so much for posting this! Let us know how it was -- were you hungry? Craving food while on the cleanse? Tired? I'm interested in trying it out.

  8. These look amazing! That's so awesome that you DIYed your own cleanse rather than paying SO much for it haha :)

    Life etc

  9. Great tip! I'll have to try it:)

  10. i was hoping you would blog about this! i had seen your pics on instagram! i def want to try something like this, now i need to get my husband on board!! :)