Wednesday, December 12, 2012

found: Negative Space

Using negative space in artwork is a technique that either works or it doesn't. What the artist does is focus on using the empty spaces around the main subject to create something unique, engaging, and beautiful.

I've always been drawn to artwork that's thought-provoking and inspiring, while maintaining a sort of simplicity and minimalism. Just take a look at the above piece and take away your own meaning from it. When you dive deep into the meanings behind any work of art, the outcome can be some pretty powerful stuff. Here, the main subject is the man sitting while smoking a pipe, and what's evolved from him - from the negative space above him.

I love thinking about how something inspiring can come from this - from the nothingness new thoughts, ideas, and feelings start to emerge. It's the nothingness from which everything else sprang from.

That same idea that applies to these simple works of art can also be applied to our lives. Except, in life, what's in that negative space isn't directly in front of our faces, we have to search for it.

These pieces were created by graphic designer Tang Yau Hoong, take a look a some of my favourites...

P.S. Get inspired! Click here to see more of his work.


  1. goodness, these are lovely!


  2. wow! I adore these! I've always wondered how one starts about creating something like this!

  3. Wow - I really like his work. Thanks so much for sharing!

  4. These are brilliant...thank you so much for sharing!