Monday, December 31, 2012

The Love List

Ahhh... and here we are! On the brink of a New Year! Reflecting back on 2012 and getting set to move forward in a big way. Your life (and your happiness) is in your hands and the possibilities are shining bright before you!

This week in a nutshell? Slowing down, reflecting, relaxing. The week began as busy as ever, holiday parties, sparkling lights, gift-giving, family hugging. Complete with a 28-lb turkey, and a new addition in the family to swoon over. Now that Sebastian and I are back home, we've been taking advantage of some much needed down time. City exploring, movie marathons, and re-stocking our wine fridge. All the good things. That's what the end of the year is all about.

Soak in the good things. Be happy. Be bright. Be you.

In the spirit of focusing on the positive and showing gratitude, each week I'll share with you just a few things I'm loving lately...

As cliche as it sounds, the holidays really are the happiest time of the year. Even with the last-minute hustle, the shopping anxiety, and the running around, there's nothing quite like getting together with all of your family. Huddled around the dining room table, enough food to feed a small village, music in the background, and the house filled with laughter. This year I even started some new traditions, and it makes me so grateful for all of my family. New and old.

Hellooo, new camera, new lens! It's the kind of excitement that really can't be contained. Look forward to more photography featured here. For a little taste, take a peek around my photography page.

On Christmas Eve, Winter finally decided to make an appearance! (Wouldn't have been the same without it:) The ground is now sprinkled with snow, and the trees are shining bright. And I've made the executive decision to keep our Christmas lights up until March.

Waking up to this each morning.

With Kris Carr's Crazy Sexy Diet under my belt, I'll be gearing up and getting ready for the 21-day cleanse! It's an adventure to tune your body, mind, and spirit. Complete with daily goals, affirmations, and freeing your body from crack (aka sugar:). The overall goal is to have a peaceful feeling in your heart and in your body. Sound good to you? Me too!

If you haven't read (or heard of) Crazy Sexy Diet, I highly recommend it! This book will be the perfect tool to kick off 2013. It will make you re-think the way you've been eating, thinking, living. Trust me, it will change your life!

I hope you have an incredible New Year's Eve and wake up feeling rejuvenated and ready to take on another year! Keep these words close to your heart. Let them guide you as you re-focus and re-align your intentions for 2013. This year was made for you! Make it a good one. xo

Do you have any plans for when the ball drops?


  1. My roommates and I used to post encouraging notes to each other on the bathroom mirror too. They definitely brighten up your day when waking up for an 8 am class. Have a happy new year!

  2. Thanks for this. I needed a reminder to look for good things. The best use for post-its in my home is a toss up between storyboards and random quotes and song mashup ideas.

    I'm excited for New Year's-I'll be going to my first Murder Mystery Dinner!!

  3. Have a wonderful New Year love!
    We're going to a party tonight but will be home when the ball drops!!

  4. Your photography has really come a long way - you have some beautiful pictures! I am taking a class in a couple weeks - I don't think I'll get where you are, but I find it ridiculous that I have this beautiful, big camera and can only use the auto feature. What a waste!
    I'm interested in hearing more about this Crazy, Sexy, Diet - we are doing the paleo 30 day thing right now, so I'm very open to new things. My eating habits are atrocious!

  5. I'm all about the encouraging notes! Happy belated New Year! :)
    xo TJ