Monday, February 18, 2013

The Love List

Ready for another week of Things I'm Loving? I swear, every time Monday morning comes along I'm doing a double take because, without fail, it always sneaks up on me! This weekend was so, so good for the soul. Lots of resting up, falling asleep with book in hand, jotting down ideas, writing, writing, writing, and taking time-outs for me. It was practicing being still and feeling the sun beat down through the window, and connecting with what my mind was trying to tell me.

Yesterday, I turned off the tube and got down to it, focusing on the paper in front of me. Physically writing out what’s banging around in my head makes a world of difference. Being able to read it rather than trying to make sense of all the thoughts whizzing around in that brain o’ mine. I’m officially amped up to get this week started!

Off we go! Here's just a couple things making my day...
FLORALS + PLANTS + BEAUTYroses-things-i-love photo Roses-Things-I-Love_zps755dba6a.jpg
orchids-between-dreams photo Orchids-1-Things-I-Love_zps9d1ca9c6.jpg
orchids-things-i-love photo Orchids-Things-I-Love_zpsc1bed23e.jpg

We’ve been busy filling up our place with flowers and plants, after we discovered a little trick on how to keep the cats from eating them. (Cayenne pepper… take that, kittens!) I’m pretty sure we’re going to start living in a jungle now because our collection keeps growing and growing. I don’t know what it is, but working on the computer sitting next to a full, green, plant makes me so much more productive and just happier overall.
We’re so ready to move out of our teeny tiny place that having these small bursts of beauty sitting around make it just a little more bearable. (I seriously think the walls are starting to close in on us. What a twisted game it’s playing!)
(I loved this quote so much, I had to make something out of it:)

With two months left to the wedding, I just hopped on board Jamie Eason’s LiveFit program and am loving it. My muscles are BURNING, and it feels so good! If you’re looking to shape up in a short amount of time, you need to check it out! It really builds you up gradually, teaching you the proper ways for muscle gain and fat loss, and comes complete with meal plans, recipes, and food lists. Jamie has created helpful videos to help you along the way and really eases you in and helps you to create new habits in your life. 
Here’s to getting in shape and eating a cleaner diet! Dare I say I can’t wait to hit the gym tonight?

MENTIONABLES: facing fears bachelorette party this weekend! rose petals scattered on the floor waking up to the sunrise nourishing snacks late night chats strawberries + chocolate…the way to my heart visits from the parents big ol’ belly laughs hammering down wedding details so many incredible things planned this week collaborations with incredible bloggers feeling extremely blessed
Trust me, this week is gonna be a GOOD one! Stay tuned, get excited!
Now, over to you, gorgeous! What’s going on in your world? What are you feeling grateful for? Anything new? xx


  1. I love this!! It makes me happy to hear that people take time out just for them. It's so important! I love the all of the florals and plants - they are sooo good for peace of mind. Thank you for sharing that quote - it's amazing!!

  2. Valentine's is the only time the hubs gets me fresh flowers, and I love them.

  3. Awesome! The last quote rocks. I always tell my kiddos they are a beast and can do anything. Now I need to remind myself more often.

  4. my house is like a jungle. i have plants everywhere, but it makes my condo complete and much happier!