Monday, April 15, 2013

The Love List

What a week it's been! Full of anticipation, finishing off last-minute details, and a whole lotta love. I gotta say - there's nothing quite like it, I'm getting high just off the fumes! There's something so special about the time surrounding weddings. The way everyone talks, the advice they give, stirring up images of what the day will be like. It's a beautiful thing.
While I'm trying to live in the now and soak up each and every moment, I find my mind wandering over to the possibilities of what could be - what will be! And the little bits of wisdom I've been reading along the way...
Don’t limit yourself by what has already been done. You can do so very much more.
Don’t get too caught up in making judgments about what might or might not work. Put your authentic effort and creativity out there, and you’ll find out soon enough what works and what doesn’t.
Safely following the crowd is not the strategy of a leader. The way to achieve what’s never been achieved is to do what’s never been done.
You are not a job title or a demographic data point or a technique or a college degree. You are a brilliant, shining, powerful focal point of life itself.
You are a genuine, one-of-a-kind original. So think like it, act like it, feel like it and live like it.
In this brand new moment bring a brand new, beautiful world into existence.
 Make it outstanding,
make it an original,
and make it your very best.

You are original. Oh yes, you are! Here's what made my love list this week...*

*I changed the name of this weekly feature! Why? Because this list isn't about "things" in the material sense, it's about showing gratitude, and recognizing the little bits in the everydays that make this life oh-so-good.


What can I say... my bedside table is ACTION-PACKED! For starters...

+ Can't WAIT to dive into Danielle Laporte's Fire Starter Sessions. (I might even take it on vacation with us! Early mornings, coupled with a few soul dives sounds like music to my ears!) I've heard endless amounts of positivity about this beautiful book, have you read it?

+ Soul journaling. I just finished up the audio version of Writing Down Your Soul by Janet Conners, and have jumped right into scribbling down words into a shiny new journal. Keeping a notebook for writing random notes and thoughts is always something I've done, but never consistently. There's something to be said about writing just to write - and also, spewing out your thoughts like nobody's business to a source that is completely unbiased and unjudging. It doesn't just feel good, it's down-right therapeutic!

+ Creative Visualization. I'm nearly finished this gem, and I highly, highly, highly recommend it! Many o' moments of just sitting back and soaking in the words, complete with plenty of tips on different meditation techniques.

+ Gratitude, gratitude, gratitude. It's something I preach, but something I've been struggling with on the "must do every day" front! A gratitude journal helps me reflect daily - and has me searching for tiny bits of gold each day - even the mundane days. (We all have them!)


My most recent purchase, and newest obsession - Lavender Pure Essential Oil! I'm convinced that this little bottle also contains just a splash of magic. The uses are endless! From relieving allergies, headaches, stress all the way to freshening your clothes, healing minor cuts, and even adding moisture to chapped lips!

Here's what I've been doing... I'll put 2-3 drops in my palm, rub my hands together, and then apply to my pillow each night. The aromas are simply ahhh-mazing. It fills up the room and has the most intense calming effect that puts me right to sleep. (So you can imagine my intense love for this magic oil!)

When we leave for our wedding this weekend, it's going right in my suitcase! Breezy beach air + light lavender scents? Yes, please!


I'm thrilled to announce that Between Dreams is now on Facebook! When I think about what I want for this special spot on the web, ideas run wild, and my heart expands - and that's because of you! When it comes right down to it, this place isn't mine, it's ours. It's all about community, baby!

Connecting with such gorgeous souls - hearing your perspectives, listening to your stories, sharing our joys together - has been such an overwhelming source of joy in my life. Your comments light me up, and knowing that we are truly all in this together is the most beautiful thing of all.

While I've been resisting the idea of going on Facebook (it seemed like a whole lot of exposure!), I've realized that it's not about me, it's not about promoting this blog, it's not about overflowing your feeds with nonsense. It's about sharing our stories, thoughts, and ideas! It's about pimping out positivity, and spreading the love. It's a place for all of us. It's a community.

Take this as your formal invitation to join in on all the action! Visit the Between Dreams Facebook page today! I hope you "like" it and stick around for awhile! (Sending you love and bear hugs in advance!)

Over to you, lovely! What's lighting you up as of late? Any shining news you'd like to share? I'd love to know what's going on in your world! Chat me up in the comments!

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  1. I love your quotes you've mentioned! And the love list idea! It sparks a side of me to be more receptive to the good in life!