Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Love List

Have you read Eckhart Tolle’s The Power of Now? I’m currently listening to the audio version and am absolutely captivated by it, absorbing each and every word that’s spoken. It’s not the type of book you read just to read, you read it and put it into action.
The message behind Tolle’s book is simple: living in the now is the truest path to happiness and enlightenment. As Deepak Chopra put it, “Every sentence rings with truth and power.” But – what exactly is living in the now? And how do you do it? It all boils down to becoming conscious beings – more conscious of our thoughts and emotions, and understanding that it just may be our ego running the show. It’s learning to let go of those emotions, the labels we hold dear to our hearts (that may be doing more harm than good), and opening ourselves up to simply be.
How often do you either worry about the future, or dwell on the past? I’ll be the first to admit that sometimes that’s all that’s fluttering around in my mind, taking away from that moment, right then and there. Instead of letting my mind be clouded by deadlines, frustration, disappointment, bills, appointments, and whatever else life throws my way, I will choose to consciously focus on this very moment. To let go. To surrender. To accept what is. To focus on the beauty and love. To accept it openly in my arms.
Because the past is the past, and the future is not here, and may never come.
Our world is just a reflection of ourselves, and I'm learning that more than anything, it's about the choices we make each and every day.
Now! Let's get to the love list! What's making me oh-so-happy lately... 
*FYI: I've decided to move "The Love List" to feature on Tuesdays instead of Mondays, when I actually resemble more of a functioning human-being :)
A big thing that I'm learning is taking time to give myself some love. For me that means:
+ Cups of tea & carving out time to write out my thoughts
+ Long candlelit baths, complete with bath bombs, body scrubs + conditioners, my weekly face treatments.
+ Filling my body up with nutrient-packed smoothies and eating consciously. (Can I just say WHOA?! I can feel so sluggish, and then I down one of these bad boys and BOOM! I'm soaring. I know you've heard it a million times, but for good reason - total game-changer.)
For me, as an introvert, I need time to wind down, and let my thoughts fade into the background. I thrive on that quiet time. I've noticed a huge difference when I have weeks that are go, go, go without any pauses, and weeks where I take time to do the above. Instead of feeling burnt out and run down, I feel uplifted, energized, and ready to take on whatever needs to get done. Rather than running on fumes, I've got energy to burn.
Despite the fact that our mayor may smoke crack, I gotta say, it's nice living in the big smoke. What's up there this week:
+ An entire date day with my man. Sushi lunch date spent chatting up our upcoming move, followed up with a good ol' four hour walk along Queen Street, wandering in and out of furniture stores (& this action-packed place pictured in the middle!) daydreaming about our future humble abode. Hell yes.
+ Catching up with friends for a dinner out + baseball game. Nothin' like putting on our Blue Jays gear, laughing throughout the entire game, belting out take me out to the ball game, while munching on butter-soaked popcorn. Oh, and did I mention? We made it on the jumbotron + live TV. My life goals are officially complete, I need do no more.

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 "The world whispers, all we need of you is that we be human.
That's it."

Incredible. Heart-stirring. Eye-opening. Give it a watch. xx

Drop me a line in the comments: What's on your love list lately? Have you made any changes lately that have improved your life for the better?

Image: Rawz


  1. New reader here! I've heard great things about Tolle's book. Now I just need to reserve a copy at the library! Good for you, for giving yourself some time for some TLC! That's not always easy to do, but our bodies need it so badly. The Summit you posted about sounds so interesting. Looking forward to checking it out. Be blessed, Kristin

  2. Sounds like a must read! Now downloading on kindle :)

  3. Oh, this is a great post! I'm a relatively new blogger; my blog is based on my gratitude journal and the things I love every day. I think that's the best change I've made in my life recently: keeping a gratitude journal. Forcing yourself to look at things in a positive light really changes your outlook. Thanks for sharing :)


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  5. so when you called Toronto "the big smoke" it made me think of a map of the US that I saw (but can't remember where!) that showed where different areas meant when they referred to "the city." it was really interesting - I'll try to find it again for you!