Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Break: What I Did & What I Learnt

I feel like I'm going through a transition at the moment. A transition from one state of being to another. I can feel myself shifting, releasing, exploring, growing, and transforming. I feel different.

Sometimes you need to break away in order to free your mind. You have to get offline, go outside, look up at the sky, and take in the beauty of the real world.

Reclaim your freedom and your free time.

Update your state, not just your status or latest photo.

Disconnect to reconnect.

...And sometimes? Sometimes you need to run away to the mountains.

UPDATE: For some reason, this post up and went and deleted itself. All that's left are little quotes I could find on social media. Some mysteries are not meant to be solved.


  1. Welcome back! I got really sick last month, which forced me to disconnect- and in the end, it was good for me. I then did a yoga workshop that helped me re-evaluate what I am doing with my blog, and remind myself why I started in the first place.

    It sounds like your offline time was much-needed!

  2. Welcome back! And you're totally right. If you're not happy, it's time to either fix your situation or get out of it, but one way or another, you can't just sit in it and do nothing. You have a responsibility to yourself to chase your dreams!

    1. Thank you! And YES! More importantly, you OWE it to yourself xx

  3. A co-worker of mine recently told me, "breaks are good".
    Simple enough? Right? Well, that meant a whole lot more than I think he even knows.

    For the past five years of my life I was driving on full-throttle to achieve my degree, pursue a career in nursing, and never look back. Well I graduated in May, passed my boards in July, and now I am underemployed and waiting for something to happen.

    By him saying "breaks are good" it was almost like giving myself permission to just be still and live in the moment. I was really good at being busy and not so good at being still...it's a work in progress, and I had the fewest posts on my blog for the month of August then I did in its' entire life.

    SO there's that. I am excited to see what you're up to!
    ...another coincidence, I just hopped on groupon and there was too-good-a-deal to pass up on a yoga gym membership, so I did it. Bit the bullet and bought it. The first exercise related thing I have pursued since my college swimming career that ended in March of 2012.

    So here's to new things, and embracing what we really need. (And hoping for a nursing job soon enough!)

  4. The changes segment in this post is exactly what I am struggling with. I have been trying to decide whether to quit my job and pursue my dream job which is my own business, or be miserable, stressed, overwhelmed, exhausted at my day job for the sake of having a stable income. It is such a tough decision and I am terrified of jumping too soon. I would love to hear more about what helped you finally take the plunge!


    1. I will definitely dive into this more later on, but, what helps me is to imagine yourself 5, 10, 20, 30 years down the road. Ask your future (wiser) self what you wish you had done, what you're proud of yourself for doing, what you'd do over in a second.

      Chances are chasing after your dream come out on top.

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