Friday, October 04, 2013

Adventures Up Silver Peak

Last week I mentioned how invaluable (and utterly awesome) it is to take a leap and surprise yourself.

For me, that meant leaving my ego behind, abandoning 'the norm', and jumping head first into nature - lacing up my shoes and hiking trails by day followed up by packing on the layers, cozying up at the campfire, and sleeping under the stars. To my surprise (and to the shock of my parents/ friends/ husband), I loved it.

In fact, I loved it so much that we went ahead, packed up our camping gear, and headed out for round 2.

Except this time, we wanted to crank the intense dial right up and go harder, longer, and more epic. (Bring it on, I say!)

3K canoe ride to the trail, 6K hike up Silver Peak, through paths that, let's be honest, just looked like a maze of rocks. Every step mattered. Up inclines and back down again, weaving our way through the path. Every move was calculated. We huffed and puffed, but when we reached the top? We felt accomplished. Energized. Alive. Free. The fresh air filled our lungs as we etched the beauty of the landscape into our minds, making sure it would never fade before making the 9K journey back down again.

(And as a fellow 6 year old hiker exclaimed, "THERE'S BLUEBERRIES! THESE ARE THE BEST BLUEBERRIES EVER! THE HIKE WAS WORTH IT JUST FOR THESE!" They were damn good blueberries.)

Take me back.

Replaying this trip (which was a month ago now!) gives me some serious Summer nostalgia, what about you? What do you miss most about Summer? 

P.S. The canoe trip back was unreal, I'll definitely be sharing those photos with you next week. They are magic.


  1. What an inspiring post! I need to leave all my cares behind more often and lose myself in nature. Thanks for the reminder! X Jane

  2. Spending time in nature is always such a good reset for me! Beautiful pictures!

  3. Where is this special place? It looks amazing! Muskokasish?