Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The Love List

Good morning, you bad-ass babe!

How are things?

First, let's get to business: I'd really like "The Love List" to serve as a mash-up of the people/ blogs I'm swooning over to things/ articles/ quotes/ random bits that I'm loving all the way to an update on what's happenin' in my world. The good stuff, the bad stuff, whatever's been playing around in my mind.

How does that sound to you? I'd love to hear your thoughts on what you'd like to see during this weekly update, what topics you love the most, what rec's you're itching to know (books/ recipes/ beauty/ spirituality/ exercise, etc, etc, etc.), and any other thoughts + input + ideas you'd like to see thrown into the mix. Your input is SO important to me, so I'd love for your voice to be heard!

Okay! Done. Let's get to it:

For me, this week has been a biggie, in the most transformative sense. When I set the intention for "retreat" this past week, I had a feeling deep in my belly that it was going to be on a whole other level, with a side of nerves, sheer excitement, and trying to predict how I'd feel. (And then subsequently trying to push aside any 'expectations' that arose.)

There's definitely something in the air lately. Everywhere I look, I'm seeing people wanting to go deeper, discover more, and they're opening up and looking to expand their lives. To enrich their lives and uncover the truth of themselves. I'm hearing the call, too. In a BIG way. Actually, this entire year has been about that very thing, and when I look the time to step back, I was really able to recognize how huge this year has been.

But I'm aching for more.

After hearing about Belinda Davidson's work in the world, my interest was peaked. (If you haven't heard of her before, I urge you to check out her work. Belinda's chakra clearing meditations alone are like a breath of fresh air.)

I decided to take my 'retreat' one step further and signed up for her White Light Healing Intensive. Which includes 3 healing sessions and is designed for you to enjoy at home, switching off from the world, and taking time for yourself to unwind, reflect, and tap into your innate inner wisdom.

My intention over the three days during the intensive was to spend a lot of time meditating, reading, journalling, and just BEING, without the 'noise' of the outside world. To drop the expectations and do whatever I was called to do, whether that meant heading over to a Bikram yoga class or simply staring out the window and watching my thoughts float on by.

Powerful shifts. Open heart. Clarity (like whoa). A wave of peace. CONNECTED. Divine guidance. Alive. Beyond grateful. Just some of the words that come to mind. 

The process can only be described as pure magic, and I just know this is just the beginning. 

Transformation of any kind always exacts a holy tussle. 
The newborn butterfly struggles to open its wings so it can conjure up the strength to fly. 
So too, with artists, inventors, mystics and entrepreneurs. | Tama Kieves

I'm ready.

Are you?

Now it's time to spread some love to a coupla blogs lovingly created by incredible ladies (with a whole lotta sass and all-around awesomeness, I might add!) Love 'em:




+ This playlist mesmerizes me. (In a good way. A really good way.)

+ This quote:
"Everything tells me that I am about to make a wrong decision, 
but making mistakes is just part of LIFE.

What does the world want of me?

Does it want me to take NO RISKS, 

to go back to where I came from 
because I didn't have the courage to say 
YES to LIFE?" | Paulo Coelho

+ Currently reading (and loving) this gem.  I've taken to flipping open to a random page, and just reading the words before me, and it always resonates so deeply.

+ Are you thinking of sponsoring? Codi of Art of Balance just opened up sponsorships and all the proceeds go towards supporting local charities in West Michigan. What's not to love, really? Get 'em while they're hot!

+ "Dreams Change... and that's okay" Insightful post on walking away from past aspirations in order to chase after what really moves you.

+ What do you think? Is peace possible? The Kind Side sparked a deeper conversation behind the scenes. LOVED reading up on everyone's point of views, different takes. Such a beautiful thing.

+ Gabrielle Bernstein's vids are among my absolute faves. And this one on why 11:11 pops up so often is a goodie.

Makin' me grateful: connectivity, candlelight, slowing down, revving up, hits of clarity, hitting the mat, breathing deeper, never-ending questions, feelin' true guidance, planning adventures, daydreams of being hippies, late night chats, morning snuggles, xmas lights twinkling, new friendships, kitchen dance parties (often), (bad) jokes, and you. Always you.

YOUR TURN: What are you grateful for this week? In a word, what's your intention for today?

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