Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Goals Before 2014: Creativity (Week 9)

Now that November flew by, here we are, one month to go before the ball drops and we launch ourselves into 2014! Let's do this!

After my retreat, I decided to take a break from all things "go, go, go" last week, just so I could really process the experience, and keep the same "go with the flow" attitude that I carried with me during the retreat weekend. That meant spending time with my man, giving it our all rock climbing (we've hammered out a new routine and it's just SO GOOD!), meal planning turned into delicious feasts!, a visit from my lovely parents, and catching the new Hunger Games flick. Instead of brooding about how I have to wait an entire year to see the next movie, let's get to the goal.

WEEK 9: CREATIVITY {December 2 - 9}
It's all about unleashing my creative spirit! While this time of year has our schedules PACKED, and our to-do lists maxed right out, my aim here is to infuse creativity (for fun) into the week.

A coupla projects:
+ We (mostly Sebastian) built a shelving unit for the office, so I plan on gathering some goodies to jazz it up.

+ Finish the painting I've been working on. (By painting, I mean, paint-by-number. Don't judge. Looking for something to just calm your mind and you don't really have the drawing/ painting gene? Pick one up!)

+ We have a bay window in our bedroom that Sebastian built a custom bench for, which looks freaking awesome, but has been sitting bare for quite some time now. This week I'll be heading to the store to pick out some fabrics and then it's time to dust off the ol' sewing machine! (Something I don't think I've done since... that high school sewing class I was so keen on. Challenge accepted!)

+ 'Round these parts, Mondays are dedicated to PUMPING YOU UP! My aim here is to create a new desktop wallpaper each week from my own photo collection. I've had a few of you send me snaps of your backgrounds in all their glory, and it seriously LIGHTS ME UP. Giving stuff away for free? I'm all for it. I'll be brainstorming this week on how I can give more (while adding value + love + joy into the mix... a recipe for pure juiciness)

+ While we're on that note, any resources that you would LOVE to get your hands on? Brainstorm with me!

Everywhere I look, I'm seeing action-packed goals, mighty declarations, and serious go-getter attitudes. It's contagious! There's something about declaring + sharing it that just kicks it up to a whole 'nother level. So, I wanna know: How are your goals treating you? What do you want to accomplish this week/ month?

And remember: pencil in time for yourself. There's only so much you can do before you burn out. We've all got overloaded to-do lists, action-packed schedules complete with holiday parties, secret santas, champagne toasts, and friends + family to enjoy life with. Make space for JOY, to stop the 'doing', indulge in belly laughs, spontaneous dance parties, and the simple pleasure of 'no plans'. Give yourself permission to simply live.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments, sweet one x 

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