Friday, January 03, 2014

A Declaration for 2014

Here we are: 2014. A clean slate that's ours to mould, shape, build, and play with. The energy in the air is truly infectious, ripe with potential, and utterly irresistible. (Dare I say, I'm drunk on Twenty-Forteen?) The world's a buzzin' with resolutions, goals, guiding words, desires, wishes, hopes, and dreams - can you feel it, too? The pull to let go of the past, and the electricity of hope for what's to come?

As I reflect back on the past year, I approach it with an open mind, compassion, and full heart. A year ago, my mind was racing with ideas, lofty dreams, out-of-this-world goals - some that were lost in the abyss of ideas-in-space and never saw the light of day. As much as I wanted to be ready, I wasn't.

As we go through life, there are different seasons that need tending to - planting, nurturing, and harvesting seasons. What I thought I needed - to go, go, go, to create, launch, deliver, and harvest, actually wasn't. I felt a pull on my heart to retreat into a very big nurturing season, one that would be an overwhelming theme throughout the entire year. A year of healing, of slowly blooming, a little more water here, a dash of sunlight there.

When I tapped into my heart and asked what it truly longed for, I had the profound realization that I was sacrificing my own joy for something I didn't truly want. I was chasing a dream that wasn't even mine. I was settling for safety, the norm, and the expected. Expectations to achieve goals that didn't truly light me up, to follow along with the herd, and walk down the paved path.

The nudges, thoughts, feelings, pushed down desires, recurring themes kept popping up, refusing to be ignored.

I leapt out of my comfort zone, tested the waters, experimented, expanded my mind, took risks, faced fears, uncovered hidden truths, discovered beauty in the small and simple, in the vast and brilliant.

Now, here we are: 2014.

Like many of you, I've chosen a word, separate from my core desired feelings, to guide me throughout the year.


Because life isn't just about putting your head down and getting to work. It's not about spending your days lifting weights inside a gym. It's not about running yourself down, constant striving, going all out, achieving target after target, proving yourself, and it's certainly not about changing yourself.

It's about feeling good. More than good. It's about feeling VIBRANT.

In times of struggle and despair, I will tap in and ask myself: What can I do to feel more vibrant? What would my most vibrant self do/ feel/ react? In times of uncertainty, feeling vibrant will be the guiding force: How does this make me feel? Alive, expansive, luminous, and vibrant? Or less-than, closed down, constricted, and trapped? When I'm connected and aligned with the core of who I am, I will continue to ask: What can I do to feel MORE of this? To live MORE fully?

In the year ahead, I want to take the seriousness out of healing, wellness, and growth and inject it with a mighty dose of joy, curiosity, and down-right silly. THAT, my friends, is the spice of life.

Here's to a year of feeling how we want to feel - which is, damn good. To choosing our paths - every step + feeling along the way - to soaking up the sun, spontaneous adventure, unbridled joy, singing from the top of your lungs, living your way, breaking all the rules, wild bliss, laughing 'til it hurts, making mistakes, growing, expanding, simply BEING. All of it. Every last drop.

PLANNING SESH: What season are you in right now? When it comes to your goals + resolutions, is it time to plant the seed, nurture them, or the time to harvest? Where do you see yourself exactly one year from now? A year whips by so quickly - what will you do to make the very best of it? I'd love for you to share in the comments x

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