Monday, February 10, 2014

Kick Start: Honour Yourself

Good morning, lovely! Let's catch up and have a chat.

How are you feeling? Anything up and coming on the horizon? Any new projects, adventures, or ideas brewing around in your mind? Maybe you're feeling the excitement of a brainstorming sesh or the anticipation of the new and shiny just 'round the bend...

Let's break down the walls and open the flood gates of honesty: what's tripping you up at the moment, challenging you, keeping you in the struggle-zone? What feels constricting and icky? Is there something that just isn't clicking?

Tune your ears to your heartbeat and listen to its whispers. What's it saying?

Observe your inner voice and take notice of those nudges that keep calling on you. They won't go away.

Allow your intuition to be your guide, always. Trust your gut, endlessly. It knows things.

It's my hope that instead of searching outside of yourself for answers and relying on the external to solve/ fix/ dictate, that you become of the Captain of your ship. Take the wheel, and steer in the direction you wish to go, never forcing but being guided by the wind and water.

...That when you're faced with the curse of comparison, you turn it into fuel for your own success. To know deep in your heart that what you see is possible for those you admire, is merely a reflection of what's possible for you. To believe that there's room for all of us, not just the select few, not just the 'lucky ones'. To chase your dreams with gusto.

...And in the times when you feel the need to pull back, to tread lightly, to shift into a slower pace, you sink into that. Give yourself permission to take a break, step away from blogging, get offline, treat yourself, disconnect. Minus the guilt. Eliminating the word "should" from your vocabulary. Doing so completely, totally, unapologetically. What's the point in being alive if you feel the need to apologize for living your life? Just live it. 

Breathe it in. Soak in its beauty. Taste every last drop. Revel in the joy of being fully present.

Because when you do, you honour yourself. You step into your own light. Your capacity to give, to laugh, to grow, to love, to live, to be wild, authentic, and free grows exponentially.

SO TELL ME: What's one thing (no matter how big or small!) you can do today to honour what you need most? Spill the beans in the comments! x 

Share it, print it, save it as your new background, or simply read the words and take a big, deep breath. xx

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