Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The Love List

LOTS to dive into today with this week's Love List, so let's just jump in with both feet!


Oh wow! Where do I begin? 

When I first saw the email pop into my inbox about making an appointment for an astrology consultation, I knew I had to jump at the chance. You see, I've always felt a bit conflicted about my star sign. Being a Leo, any time I read up on my sign, some things I could relate to, but others were just so far off from who I am that I've always wondered if I swayed more towards the Cancer sign than my own. Either way, I was curious.

Expectations? Blown out of the freaking water!

Knowing there's a reason why I feel the way I feel, why I act the way I act, why I'm interested in what I'm interested in is not only comforting, but it was freaking mind-blowing! But... let's go deeper than that.

We are all so much more connected to this beautiful, expansive, complex, intricate Universe than we know. We are woven into the very fabric of the planets and stars. We respond to its cycles without even being aware just how much it impacts our lives, sometimes resisting its pulls, sometimes following the flow of its movements. We are all made up from the same energy and matter and we are all destined for one thing: wholeness. The wholeness of our being. To unlock the power of our own inner light and live from the core of who we are.

We've only just begun to scratch the surface. To that I say: Bring it on, Universe! I'm ready. Show me what you've got. Knowing that we have that kind of strength within us can be scary and overwhelming. Shedding the layers that are blocking us from living from that place can be uncomfortable and leave us exposed and vulnerable. To which I say - let's lean in a little deeper.


Are you dreaming of connecting to your deepest truth and living a life in alignment with that truth? Unravel Yourself Circle is an invitation to do deep, powerful soul work to remember who you already are, and make space for your deepest truth to surface. Just a few short months ago, I had the opportunity to take part in this beautiful program and I cannot recommend it enough! The kind of magic that happens when you connect with like-minded souls who all have the same goal in mind - to get back to the truth of who they are - is nothing short of magnificent.

Natalia from Achieve the Impossible has beautifully created an amazing program (and community) that lets you slide back into yourself, while being continuously supported and guided. I cannot express my love enough for this gorgeous soul as she spreads her message, putting a whole lotta heart and soul into everything she creates.

It goes without saying that I value your time - every moment you spend here, every comment you leave, every time you connect means the world to me, and I would never recommend a product that I didn't truly believe in. This is the kind of work that challenges you, inspires you, reconnects you, while allowing enough space for a dash of magic to appear. Does this sound like something that's calling on you? Head over here for more details.


There's nothing quite like escaping to the mountains for an impromptu getaway, and oh boy, did they deliver! Waking up next to that sight up there was pure bliss.

The anticipation for the trip was pretty much through the roof! We flew to Denver and went up to Breckenridge with my brother and sister-in-law for some skiing, snowboarding, and to celebrate Sebastian's birthday! Talk about going into the big 2-7 with style ;)

To say that being surrounded by such beauty was distracting while zipping down the mountains is the ultimate understatement, and while the photos don't do them justice, I couldn't not share with you! Take a look:

 Me = mad focus. That's code for terrified.
Down for the count! What happens when you psych yourself out ;) 

Missing the mountains ever since!


Ready to fill your up your inspiration cup but don't know where to turn? Blogs with Soul is a place to store and find posts from all around the web dedicated to positivity pimpin'!

Blogs with Soul is a Pinterest page that you can add to, share, or follow to get your daily dose of feel-good words delivered straight to your screen. It's about intentional reading - with so much information out there, sometimes it's hard to find 'the good stuff'.

This is an open-invite to anyone who wants to get involved! All you have to do is email/ leave a comment with your email so I can add you as a contributor. (***Update: To be added as a contributor, just go here to follow me. Once I follow you back/ have your email, your invite will be sent! xx)

Together, we will create a one-stop shop for what your soul's longing for: the stuff that matters, sparks deep contemplation, ignites that fire deep in your belly, makes your heart go BA-BOOM, BA-BOOM, BA-BOOM. Bolts of brilliance straight to your heart.


+ Instructions for a Bad Day... Can't tell you how much I love this vid!

+ On my mind lately: I've been feeling the nudge to pull back the curtains and get real with you, and one of the ways that's presented itself is the possibility of creating videos. Maybe, possibly, who knows. I'd love to open up a conversation, friend to friend, and break down the barrier that sometimes a big ol' screen can create. What do you think? Are there any topics or questions that you'd like me to touch on? I can brush up on my joke telling and create something really riveting. (Kidding! I only have one joke up my sleeve, and it's not even funny!)

Makin' me grateful: longer days (seeing bright blue skies past 4PM!), support from beautiful friends, new-found awareness, easy recipes that this non-cook can whip up, hearing the call, heart-centred resources that are within reach and incredibly accessible (all at our fingertips!), hits of clarity, passion that keeps you up at night, show-marathons, hot tea with lemon + honey (the best!), smoothies e'rry-day, 'shaking it out' on the off-days, 'shaking it out' just because.

SPILL IT: What are you grateful for? What's lighting you up these days?

Astrology Image Unknown (If you know the original source, please send the link so I can credit!) / Blogs With Soul Image via Shakoor Bukhuth

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