Monday, March 17, 2014

Kick Start: Perfection Is A Moving Target

When inspiration strikes, it feels like every cell in your body is lit up. The light bulb shines bright, and you just know, this is it. The mere thought feels like an affirmative, YES! It just resonates, you know? You're amped up on the high of shiny and new, there's an abundance of brainstorming, post-it note scrawling, and planning. There's a vision that wants to be seen. The energy channel is wide open and the words pour onto the page.

Somewhere along the line, you forgot about the important of STARTING, and you got caught up in the craze of making it perfect. We've all been there. I have, too.

The moments where I had scheduled to sit down and do the work, but something feels off, the inspiration just isn't there. Or when it's not perfect enough or if I just do a little tweak here and there, then it'll be ready. Maybe if I just read that book first, nail down this or that, or, or, or...

Striving for perfection will exhaust you, and you'll soon discover it's a moving target. You'll never reach it. It will always be something 'out there' to yearn over, compare to, and get wrapped up in. 

Aim for the gloriously, ridiculous, messy mistakes. Aim for growth and expansion. Aim for one foot in front of the other. Aim for progress, not perfection - because that way, you're getting somewhere. One step closer to deeper connection, heightened confidence, reaching your goal, launching, coming back home to who you are at your core, your light.

Show up. Unload the burden of expectation and perfection. Toss away the curse of comparison. Connect back to your truth. Just start. Face the sky, open your arms, and ask for help, ease, strength, creativity...

Even if you start off rocky, that's something.

Even if you think it's total crap, that's progress.

Even if you feel the fear and uncertainty, and you think, "But I'm not ready." The truth is, you never will be. That's why you have to start.

If for no other reason than simply to see what happens.

SPILL: How does this 'kick start' speak to you? And, if this resonated, I would love for you to share with your friends or someone who you think might need it as well x

Share it, print it, save it as your new background, or simply read the words and take a big, deep breath. xx

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