Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The Love List: Life Lately

It's been awhile since I popped in for a little life update.

I've been doing a lot of thinking lately about the 'big picture' - examining all the areas of my life where I feel fully aligned, where things are a bit off, what needs to be adjusted, shifted, explored.

I'm all for diving deep into self-exploration, asking questions, shedding light on areas that otherwise might stay in the dark. It wasn't until I started asking myself, "What do I really want? How do I want to feel?" That I realized I had been ignoring this part of myself who so badly wanted to be seen. It's not always comfortable, sometimes far from it - but it has a way of cracking your heart open in the best way.

As we head closer and closer to that 'middle of the year' mark, I think it's important to do a little check-in to see how we're feeling in the areas in our lives. Reassess. Set new intentions. Reflect on the words we scribbled down at the beginning of the year and see where we're at, where we want to go. That might be an affirmation that we're on the right track, or maybe it means steering in another direction.

Tony Robbins words keep rising up in my mind, "Where focus goes, energy flows"

Tracking my own energy flow has become my own little experiment. Becoming an observer of the emotions that show up in my body, what it feels like, what it means (or doesn't mean), and actively practising compassion towards myself (rather than trudging on forward).

It allows me to take stock of my current state, and adjust accordingly.

So maybe right now, before diving into this post, do a little body scan.

Close your eyes, scan your body from head to toe, breathing deeply and ask: How am I feeling? How does my body feel? Tense/ sluggish/ sore/ worn out? Energized/ rested/ peaceful?

Whether you're feeling frustrated, angry, sad, or peaceful and full of joy - can you make that feeling bigger? Can you feel it fully? 

Moving forward, what part of you needs a little more love today? How can apply that love liberally? 

This isn't about diving deeper into a story we've created, or judging what comes up, it's about being with what is and affirming, "This is how I feel and that's okay."

Now... the love list.


I still find myself searching for the words to sum up my retreat week. Let's just go for it:


The week away was everything I never knew I needed, and everything I was yearning for. There were tears and so many more hugs.

I was speaking with a new friend who described it as leaving the retreat with a little sprout. Something has shifted, changed, grown. I feel different. It's something subtle yet profound all rolled into one - but I have to feed it, give it sunlight, and let it grow into something more.

I journalled more than I ever have before and I've come away with golden nuggets a'plenty, new insights, perspective shifts... and I can't wait to explore those deeper with you.

P.S. The retreat was spent Upstate New York in the Catskill Mountains at the beautiful Menla Mountain Retreat.


Last week I mentioned that coming home wasn't the easiest adjustment, and as I mentioned at the beginning of this post, I'm listening to my body, observing my energy flow, and honouring what my body (and soul) needs.

Cue the escape from the city. We loaded up the car, headed for Algonquin Park in Northern Ontario, and spent the weekend hiking, camping, and soaking up the outdoors.

Both of us were pretty proud of our little car upgrade (just traded in our car for this bad boy a couple of months ago) and look! The best part is... no tent set-up! *Applause!*

Plus, impromptu yoga and dance-offs in the woods:

Two of my favourite shots from the weekend:

A little perspective shift from above, where the trees meet the water.

Infinite bursts of light that fill the sky... there's something about star gazing that has a way of bringing you right back to the here and now. No place to be but under the stars, staring up in amazement at the vastness of the sky, admiring these little pinholes up above that burn so brightly, they reach our eyes from light years away.

And here we are, one teeny tiny planet in this Universe, revelling in it all. How lucky are we.

Has a way of putting it all into perspective, don't you think?


THIS! x 100000000000000

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Makin' me grateful: the small things - hangin' on the patio, bbq'ing up a storm, bike rides, sleep-ins, mini-adventures away from the city, late night chats, remembering to be silly no matter what, waking up to the sound of rain, unwavering support, unconditional love, and community. I tell you, community is where it's at, so I really want to know:

What's goin' on in your world? What are you grateful for?

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