Friday, July 04, 2014

My Top 8 Songs for the Soul

You know those moments when you crank up the dial on the volume, close your eyes, and just let the music completely absorb you? Over the past few months, I've been drawn to music in a different kind of way. Rather than flipping on a random playlist, I've opted instead for intentional listening.

(Which was only amplified during my retreat where an entire group of us lounged around on pillows on the floor, sipping herbal tea, listening to track after track, just to see what would happen when the beat started to play.)

The kind of songs that take your breath away, resonate deep into the core of your body, support you through dark moments in your life, that perfect soundtrack that makes you want to belt out all of the words. The kind of songs where you just can't help but close your eyes, listen more deeply, and feel the beat pulsate throughout every cell, memorizing each note, lyric, and rhythm along the way.

...that hit you right where you need it while lying in savasana on your yoga mat...

...that fill your body as you move your body around the room, letting your energy flow freely...

...that send you to places you never knew were possible while deep in meditation...

...that soothe your soul.

Here are my favourites right now:

HEY NOW - London Grammar

*This live version is killer.



FLIGHT FACILITIES - Clair De Lune (feat. Christine Hoberg)

STAY ALIVE - José González

BREATHE - Télépopmusik

LET GO - RAC ft. Kele, MNDR


If you want to listen to more of my picks, I set up an account on Grooveshark (does anyone use that site? I feel like it's a Canadian thing, haha!). My original plan was to create a solid playlist, but I've found that I still need to work past my perfectionist tendencies because it just never feels complete - so I'll keep adding as I go! ;)

This was such a joy to put together for you guys!

Let me know your favourites in the comments - I'd love to keep adding to my collection!

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