Monday, July 30, 2012

Paradise in Poland

Happy Monday, friends! How did we get here again so quickly? I hope you enjoyed your weekend! Sebastian and I spent our time biking around town, hanging out in parks, eating way too much ice cream cake, lighting sparklers, and celebrating birthdays with our friends. And as my friend told me... we successfully entered the realm of quarter of a century.

...So I figured we'd start out the week by looking at some pretty pictures!

While visiting Poland, we snuck away to a little piece of paradise - the family cottage. This is a cottage that Sebastian's dad helped build when he was young. A little home away from home to go, relax, and spend time with family. It's the cottage that was built with love. And continues to be maintained with just that - everything you see here is all taken care of by Sebastian's grandmother.

It's filled with lush greenery and flowers galore. Among the gardens, you can find lettuce growing, strawberry bushes, tomatoes, and herbs. All to be picked straight from the garden to enjoy devour.

And that view. There's just something about being next to a lake that immediately calms you. The water was cool, and crisp. And you can even catch a few pike, if you're lucky.

Some of my fondest memories from our trip come from this little place. It's where more than twenty of us got to get together to eat, drink, and dance the night away. And trust me when I say, the back patio turns into a wicked dance floor.


  1. That place looks so magical, I probably wouldn't have ever wanted to leave! Love the little greenhouse.

  2. @Kristen I know, right?! I daydream about it daily...