Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Out & About

Sometimes the soul just needs a little fresh air and change of scenery to make you feel more alive. And this day... this day was perfect. The air was crisp, the sun was shining, and you could feel that Fall would soon fade away to welcome another season. Knowing this, we did what any normal person would do. We made a break for it and escaped the city to wander outside, play disc golf, and climb trees, while forgetting our cares at home.

That is... until somebody had to jump into the (freezing!) river in an attempt to save said disc. But that's a whole other story.


  1. Jumped into the river?! Ahhhhh! Too cold!

  2. Brrr! That makes me cold just thinking about it! LOL

    Allie, do you post from blogger? Or do use another platform to write your post from? The layout of your posts (spacing and such) is just always so clean looking. I use blogger and I hate it...it always messes up my photo and bullet spacing! Grrr..

  3. How much fun! But, seriously, over a disk? Sheesh. It must be special because I doubt I'd jump into a freezing river over that. Haha! Great shots! Glad you caught some fresh air!

  4. Getting out and changing the scene always helps change the pace and mood of things! Sounds like a great day! But jumping into a freezing river, now wow!! That definitely changes things ha!