Friday, January 04, 2013

The Affirmation Challenge

What if a simple shift in your way of thinking could radically change your life? A subtle change that will invite more acceptance, appreciation, and happiness into each and every day. Sound too good to be true? It's not!

So, what am I talking about? Positive affirmations, of course! Now, now, before you roll your eyes and think I'm full of it, read on...

There's no doubt that words hold an incredible power that can both tear us down and lift us up. If we choose the latter, sparks will fly, magic will happen, à la the law of attraction. (The idea that what we give our attention to, we will attract in our lives.)

If you're anything like me, you've got shiploads of inspiring quotes saved and scattered everywhere - your inbox, Pinterest, spare post-its, the bathroom mirror. In that same way, I've recently invited positive affirmations - powerful words that help us manifest what we want in our lives - into my world.

But first things first, we've got to quit with the self sabotage. As soon as we begin to feel a hint of self-doubt and insecurity, that inner critic is all too eager to pipe in. "But I'm not good enough." "I can't do this." "I look so fat in these jeans." "What's the point? I'll never be as good as _________." We would never say that to our best friend, boyfriend, sister, brother... so why are we saying it to ourselves?

Replace that snarky voice with an affirmation. These sparkling bursts of positivity renew our passions, fuel our success, and guide us as we transform into the most brilliant versions of ourselves.

Embark on a journey with me! A 30-day challenge, if you will! This is something I've never done before, so we're in this together!

For the next 30 days, I'll be using affirmations to guide me in my day to day life. From the moment my alarm sounds off in the morning, I'll start my days off right by reciting it in my head before I even hop out of bed. Throughout the day, I'll keep the good vibes going, replacing those negative thoughts with positive ones. I'll become more aware of my thoughts and teach myself how to shift my perspective.

Woop woop! I'm already fired up about it! Here's some tips to get you going...

1. Use present tense. There's no "what-ifs"! If your affirmations are always in the future, that's where they will stay, rather than be invited into your life right now. Instead of "I will become success and fulfilled." say "I am successful and fulfilled." or "I am a great success! My life is incredibly fulfilling." Better yet - visualize what you want. If it's happiness, picture yourself where you're most happy, maybe it's on a gorgeous beach, white sand for miles, with the sunlight shining down on you. Or maybe it's financial freedom, imagine yourself free of debt, driving that fancy new car.

2. Be positive. This one is huuuuge! If we're talking the law of attraction (and, we are), whatever you focus on will grow. So, let's say, you're saying "I am going to get out of debt.", or how about "I am not fat." What do you think the focus will be on? You got it - debt and fat. It is better to say "Money comes to me freely and abundantly." or "I am fit and love my body."

3. Write it down! Don't just keep that gold bottled up! Write it down. Say it out loud. Make some art out of it! Post them in a place that will be highly visible to you, like a computer screen, or bed side table.

4. Repetition is key. The more you repeat these loving words, the more they'll be ingrained into your pretty self! Deal? Deal.

I feel a divine sense of well being, high self esteem, and confidence.

I believe in myself and my ability to do anything

I eat healthy foods that nourish my body and soul.

I feel appreciative and grateful for everything in my life.

My positive energy creates a powerful presence and confidence.

Anything that comes up is meant to be handled, healed, learned from and released.

Does that have your heart racing yet? Good! Let's get going! Let these words encourage you to take action! Whatever it is that you want, that desire deep in your soul, do it! You want to get in shape? Build a business? Make X amount of money? Learn a new language? Pick up an instrument? Now is your time. This is your sign. You can do it! I believe in you.

Do you already use affirmations in your life? Have any tips for me? Hook me up! :)

P.S. I made that lovely little graphic up there just for you. Save it, pin it, share it! Heck - print it out, cut it up, and paste those little photos anywhere you see fit - your phone case, computer, alarm clock, or just hide them in places to find later. xo

The Affirmation Challenge Follow-up can be found here.


  1. Looks Great!!! Happy new year.

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  2. I do an exercise where I write down all the negative mantras I tell myself on a daily basis - the beliefs I've come to acquire and then write down a positive affirmation to contradict it. Then when I find myself saying the particular negative belief, I immediately back it up with the positive one. - keeping a little paper with them all written with me at all times, helps too. - - This is a great challenge, Allie!

    - tianna :)

  3. I decided that for January I was going to pick a different compliment, or affirmation each day, and post it where I could see it. It is really helpful in remembering that beating yourself up will get you nowhere, but lifting yourself up can take you anywhere.

    1. I cannot even begin to tell you how much I loooove what you just said! Yes, yes, yes!

      Writing that one down right now :)

  4. Love this and I love Kristen's comment, so true!

  5. I've been doing this too!! every day i'm giving myself a positive affirmation, now i think i'll record it to look back on :) thanks for the (re)inspiration!

  6. What a beautiful post and a great idea! I love your glad I found you!
    Found your blog from The Shine Project. Following you..
    Follow me back via GFC too??

    1. Thanks, love! I'm going to check out your blog right now :)

  7. I love this post - I'm all about keeping it positive in 2013 so inspirational affirmations are right up my alley, Allie! (See what I just did there?)

    Hope you're having a wonderful New Year! xoxo

  8. I really love this idea, so uplifting and refreshing!!!

  9. what really works for me is meditation first thing after waking up in the morning, 10 - 20 mins usually. that would be the perfect opportunity for those affirmations to really sink in deep!

    good luck!
    xo adela

  10. Nice challenge and I must say that you become the person you wanted to be if you just believe you can. Thoughts can become very powerful if we can just set our minds that what we think can happen.

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