Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Moments

We're in the middle of the Winter cold, and at times, it can feel like I've gone days without seeing the sun. I find myself craving it. Longing for it. Just a hint of that warm glow behind the thick clouds has me daydreaming about warm, sunny days. Daydreams about biking down to the beach, sitting on the dock by the lake...

This day was particularly grey. Not a cloud in the sky, no sign of the sun, just muted grey as far as the eye could see. The day was coming to an end, as early as it does now, and I knew that it would be another grey Winter day. Wishing for sun, wanting to curl up with a blanket and hibernate instead.

As I was driving back to Toronto, there was a distinct moment where the grey faded away, and the most magnificent blue replaced it. The sun was beginning to set, and I was in awe. Maybe it was because it had felt so damn long since I had seen the sun. Felt like weeks, rather than days. Or maybe it was because sometimes our days are simply made of moments like this, the moments that take our breath away.

I saw the sky transform before my eyes - the blues, pinks, oranges lit up the sky. I was on a race against time. Hoping that the day would last just a little bit longer so I could soak in as much of this sunset as I possibly could.

And I did. I parked my car and braced myself before stepping out into the cold air. (Although the word cold, at this point, seems like such an understatement.)

It was then that I was reminded that it's not about waiting for the perfect moment. The perfect moment to savor, the perfect moment to capture. It's stepping back and taking the time to notice them. Because those moments are in every single day.

Now it's your turn: What's taken your breath away lately?


  1. Yes!

    We have many grey days in Stavanger, usually punctuated with rain. The last 2 weeks have been cold(er) which has brought the most beautiful blue skies. Joe and I have been taking long walks on the weekend to enjoy it and I can't help but just sit and stare - the house is quiet and I watch the sun go down with all of the colours. I love finding those moments!

  2. beautiful pictures! it's so great you took that time to take it all in. even without the sun, it still looks beautiful.
    for me lately it's been the little moments with my family. they're loud, don't listen sometimes, but just seeing them curled up on the couch together makes me fuzzy inside. :)

  3. I run a busy student village in Ireland and in the mornings I walk from my house to the office. The students are most likely still asleep at this time and lately I love the quietness of the area except for the chirping birds and the plump robins that perch themselves everywhere.

  4. I love that bridge and the pics you took! Where is it?

    I encountered a breathtaking bridge myself, leading from Detroit, MI, to Canada:

    Cheers from Switzerland

    1. Thank you! It's in Toronto, Ontario :)