Wednesday, February 13, 2013

3 Tips for a Magic Day

Did you know that today is International Self-Love Day? In honour of today, let's take a deeper look at that word. Dive in and dissect it.

What does self-love mean to you?

First, let's talk about what it isn't. It's not only eating organic, or going for a massage once a week, or reading all the best books in the self-help section, or how many minutes you spend meditating. Even if everything out there is tricking you into thinking otherwise, it's not about consumption. No amount of yoga classes will fill you up with pure joy if something is missing.

The truth is, self-love is a continuous journey. It's the yellow-brick road that never ends. Each day, we walk along its path, sail down the open road, sometimes bumping into road blocks, veering off here and there, traveling one step at a time, brick by brick. At its core, self-love embodies happiness, gratitude, being at peace, letting go of fears, doubt, and yes, even the inner critic. It's fulfillment to the maximum capacity.

Imagine this: The morning sun shines through your window, gently waking you as it hits your face. You feel calm, collected, and refreshed. The day ahead of you is yours for the taking. And you've got that raw passion to tackle your to-do list. It doesn't overwhelm you, it fuels you. Feelings of gratitude and fulfillment pour in and the day is just beginning...

Sounds like a dream, right? We're just getting started! Start your day off right and every day will be magic. (Trust me!)

How are your mornings spent now? Rushed? Stressed? Scrambling? Give yourself time to reflect and visualize your day. How you spend this precious time sets the tone for your day. Choose wisely!
The best part is, this sacred time is all about you, darling. You get to sit back and simply watch the sunrise, if you wish. Start writing in a gratitude journal, grab your pillow and start meditating, pray, snuggle with your furry friend.

I've been trying out this new things that I like to call "Three Things." (I really leapt out of the box on that one, didn't I?) Before I start my day, I like to think of or write down the three big things I want to accomplish for that day. Planning it out makes me feel more ready and on top of my day. Then I'm driven enough to check them off before I go to sleep at night.

Whatever it is that you want to do, start doing it now. It's as simple as setting aside just 15 minutes for yourself.

Get moving! When you move, everything moves. It's like turning on the light switch in your brain, the ideas flow, the endorphins kick in, and well, it feels damn good. A happy body is a happy mind.

"I don't have time to work out." is probably the most overused excuse in the book. You don't have to set aside an hour or two to dedicate to a solid work out. Take 10 minutes and stretch. Make it your new goal to do 30 push-ups each morning. Whip out some of your best yoga moves. Turn up the music and dance it out.

In the days where desk-jobs are overflowing and the majority of us spend our time hunched over a computer, it's more important than ever to get moving and show your body that you care.

Bet you didn't see this one coming ;) On the days where I'd drink caffeine first thing in the morning, I would hit that mid-morning wall fast. Green juice leaves me feeling energized and awake! It's like a surge of super-charged energy going straight into my veins.

If you missed it, check out this post on liquid love where you'll find more delicious information on why this green goodness is so wonderful for you and three tasty recipes to get you started. Hop on the juice train and you'll never look back.

That's it! Three simple ways to kick start your day and make it more magical than ever.

Over to you: What's your morning routine like? Are there any rituals that you can't live without? I'd love to hear in the comments! xx

Images: Megan Beth /  Fusion Wellness / Back On Pointe / Between Dreams


  1. For me (especially one days I don't work out in the AM), it really helps for me to chug a big class of water to get my day started. I tend not to drink enough throughout the day, and if I just make it part of my routine every day, it really gets things kick started!

  2. I'm actually going to agree with Mo on that one- I don't chug a whole glass of water first thing, but while I do love coffee and tea I've found that if I'm feeling snoozy the best pick-me-up is actually a glass of cold water. I read somewhere that most adult daytime fatigue is actually dehydration, and I have to agree. Either that or my brain liked that article so much it's true for me... (I am a firm believer in the power of the mind... WITH science, though.)
    But first thing in the morning? To be honest, I like to take a minute with each of my pets, scratching and rubbing (Max is very creaky in the morning and likes a good shoulder rub!) and cuddling. It makes me smile, gives my body and mind a chance to wake up before my morning routine starts, and makes them happy. So it's a win-win, and only takes a few minutes. Plus I usually sweet-talk what I'm going to do that day to them, which helps me remember late night additions to the to-do list.
    I need to re-start some morning yoga, though- that is a fantastic way to feel great, you're right!

  3. I love what you say about self-love being a continuous journey. I think it's something that grows exponentially once you start down that path!

  4. its funny how juices or smoothies can give you more energy. i love my coffee but know that the juices are much better...!

    1. I feel like it's that way with everything - coffees, junk food. I CRAVE sweets (etc) but know that if I choose a healthier option, I'll end up feeling way more fulfilled.
      These addictions are hard to crack ;)