Monday, February 11, 2013

The Love List

HOT DAMN! I'm pretty sure I'm only functioning off excess adrenaline stored in my body right now because this girl is TIRED! It was a weekend that will go down in the books. Followed up by frivolous highlights and scribblings in the margins. Two JAMMED packed days full of everything SCUBA!
You may or may not remember my one big fear in life. The one that sends me into full-on panic mode. Shakin' in my boots. Curling up into the fetal position. Uhhh... yea, that one. Open water. So it goes without saying that while I definitely tried to get amped up on this scuba excursion, I was nervous.
But you know what? That was the old me. (Because I say so!) I've made a self-proclamation that this year is all about getting out of my comfort zone. It's making magic happen, it's not being suffocated by fears, it's breaking down walls to make room for new, incredible, shiny opportunities! And it's exhilarating.
You may have a fear cooped up in the back of your mind. It might be taking hold of every cell in your body. It might be preventing you from going out and having fun, trying something new, or simply going to the next level in your life. That's what fear does. It holds this incredible power over us. If we let it.
This weekend we spent our mornings in the classroom, watching videos, taking notes, doing quizzes. Learning all about squeezes, reverse blocks, BCD's, equalization, what to do in panic situations, you know, scuba 101. Preppin' us for what I like to call, the real deal. Okay, got it. Aced the tests, understood the concepts. Then it was time for the real deal. Strapping on our tanks and hopping into the pool.
I felt the fear creep in. (Especially when they turned off my air when I was underwater... hello! I need that!!!) I felt myself looking around at everyone's excitement while I forced through mine. Then, something amazing happened. And it happened because I let it happen. Not because of some one-time occurrence, not because of some miracle.
I let go of the fear. I reassured myself, I breathed through any anxiety, and I repeated affirmation after affirmation. It worked because I allowed it to.
And if I can do it, you can too. The hard truth is that you're not just going to wake up and be free of all fears. It takes work, determination, failure, and most of all, self-love.
It's time to take advantage of everything this world has to offer. Because as cliche as it is to say that the possibilities are endless, it's true. We are the only ones limiting ourselves from those experiences and possibilities. While my fear of open water hasn't broken down completely, it was a huge leap into making it happen. Because next time, I'll be swimming in the sparkling blue ocean, with fish above and below me, and coral within my reach.
This week, I'm switching up the format and writing out my love list in point form. Without further ado, here's the things I'm loving...

Snow days (great tunes, fluffy blankets, and turning up the heat included) Nourishment Breakfast sandwiches made with love An incredible, supportive group of friends (virtual and otherwise!) Instant sharing Breaking down barriers Mind EXPANSION (Like, whoa!) Diving Opening the door to a whole new world (cue the song from Aladdin)  New routines (total game changer)   Red nail polish ●  New experiences Waking up to a breathtaking sunrise (there are pros to not sleeping in on a Sunday!) 11:11 ev-er-y-where Chai Tea Lattes Shameless use of exclaimation marks!(!!!) Hysterical laughter that makes your cheeks sore Another beautiful week Ch-ch-changes
Your turn: What are you loving lately? Let's get this gratitude train moooooooving!



  1. There's something so beautiful about that moment in SCUBA when you realize that you're in the water, breathing, floating - and you're alive, and it hits the little butterfly part of your stomach. It's like a little miniature miracle.

    1. LOVE this description! I need to remember it while I'm underwater and just soak it all in.

  2. ive always wanted to get scuba certified and just never committed the time and money. good for you for facing your fear!!

  3. I am loving... the gradually lengthening days! finally :)

  4. I am loving my new adventures into the world of blogging. Evidently I've been in living in a bubble. Excited for what's to come, and loving your blog!

  5. I love !!!! exclamation marks too! I probably use them too much, if that's possible?! And I kinda love that you threw in the Aladdin song here!

  6. Open water TERRIFIES me as well! I finally went snorkeling for the first time when I was 28, and have been a few times since, but still get nervous every time. I'm not sure if I could work up the nerve to scuba - maybe snooba would be a good first step for me? Anyway, props to you for getting it done!!