Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Love List

Hey there, gorgeous!
It’s been go, go, go around these parts lately. These past couple of weeks have been packed full of highs, lows, and everything in between and while of course I wish I could wake up to the ocean every morning with an open schedule to do whatever I please, I wouldn’t change a thing. Even if I sometimes get the feeling I’ve lost my mind to the clouds.
The past month has been all about expansion and as I’ve been cracking open my heart to accept more love, abundance, and opportunity, the word “balance” keeps slipping itself in there. Words like gentle, peace, calm, and joy flow through my mind. These words pop up as I set my intentions for the day, reminding myself ever-so-slightly to be present. With a flick of a switch, I can feel guilty for not making time for certain goals, and the nagging need to prioritize my world takes over. The desire to find that tricky space of balance becomes seemingly overpowering.
The truth is that balance is bullshit. It doesn’t exist. While I try on my own version of balance, I’ll fumble and fall, but as long as I remember to live passionately without restraint, I’ll always be succeeding. Unattainable goals only drag you down, so maybe it’s time we all let go of what’s making us feel less-than-good. While you’re at it, amp up what makes you feel like your best self. Guilt-free. An afternoon nap when you should be editing? Dive in. Taking an evening to yourself to veg out, hop in a hot bubble bath, and sip on some wine? It’s yours for the taking. Stop working so hard and you just may find that the answer you’ve been searching for will pop up out of the blue.
But first? Take one, long, deep breath. As you exhale, imagine the guilt-ridden notions leaving your body, and feel yourself getting lighter. The labels, the expectations, whatever’s weighing you down.
Ready? Breeeeeeeeeathe.
Now let’s dive into this week’s love list…
The weekend that was! There’s nothing I love more than spending time with the people I love the most, and this weekend?! It just kept on giving. Over the course of three days, anywhere from 12-16 of us made our way around Toronto, soaking up this glorious long weekend. It started off with cheering on the Toronto FC soccer team, while indulging in a little stadium food before we headed back to a hotel for some drinks + laughs until we made our way to the Loose Moose. Can I just say bruschetta fries? Whoa.
The next day, it was up and at ‘em! We hopped on the ferry to Toronto Island for a little frisbee golf, ice cream, butter tarts (I’m still dreaming about them!), picnic bench hangouts, and twisted iced teas. All surrounded by the most beautiful atmosphere. (You can imagine our excitement when the sun decided to make an appearance!) And I’m just going to throw this out there - us girls made wicked cheerleaders! (Just look at our leg kicks!) After nearly missing the ferry back (30 seconds later and we would’ve been out of luck!) we kept the party going throughout the evening.
To cap off the weekend, it was route, route, route for the home team! We sported our Blue Jays team gear, giant pretzels, and overpriced beer in hand and cheered loudly leading to an incredible victory for the Jays!!! All in all, it was a May 2-4 that will be prrretty difficult to top. Just goes to show that when you get an awesome group of people together, magic happens.
We've been back home from vacation for over two weeks now and the best thing about coming home was most definitely coming home to Spring. GLOR-I-OUS! Birds chirping, fresh air, flowers galore! It's my kind of weather.
Sebastian and I have been venturing out in the evenings, searching for little pockets of beauty. Both of us are yearning to escape the city, so any chance to get away from the concrete and buzz of traffic is welcome with open arms. (Any other city-dwellers out there? Are you feelin' me or what?!)


I honestly wouldn't be able to tell you when I'll stop reminiscing about our time away :) These photos just keep lighting me up.

Over to you: Is there anything on your mind that you need to let go of? Let this be your permission slip to release anything holding you back - from being your true self, from that big opportunity, the next step, pressing "publish" on the post you're afraid of, talking to someone you admire... just release it, and let your heart lead the way! You'll never have to look back again.


  1. This is such good perspective on that sneaky bugger called Balance!

  2. Surely you must know that your photos are amazing!

  3. "Balance is bullshit". Truer words are seldom spoken.