Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Love List

Currently my world is little bit upside down. It's the ongoing battle of fighting off boxes to find a comfortable spot to sit and rest... and then not being able to because you know there's work to be done!

I gotta say... I'm 100% addicted to change. Love the stuff. It's where inspiration is hatched, in my mind. Shaking it up. Trying something new. Switching gears. Pure gold. Soooo, as you can probably imagine, the anticipation to get settled into our new humble aboad has hit an all-time high. But the actual packing and moving part of it all? Not my cup of tea.

I'm hitting the wonderful part of my days lately where I just have to realize - and I know I've said it countless times before - balance doesn't exist. No way, no how. The doing it all and doing it with style theory? A myth. A nasty one at that.

It's the mile-long to-do list, the overwhelm, the eventual guilt, followed by the ultimate - surrender. I've got to keep in mind that finding the joy in my days is far more important than the attachment to getting things done. (And forcing myself to do them!)

Please know that if it's a little quiet around these parts, you can just assume I'm knee deep in boxes, newspapers, and a giant mess to sort through.

In the meantime, let's hit up the love list and see what's been going on...


Being knee deep in said boxes can stifle the energy flow, that's for sure. So, what does one do when invited for a weekend away? Jump at the chance!

Sebastian and I took the day off, packed up our bags, and hightailed it outta there for a much needed escape. We took the scenic route, which had us city-folk in awe as we passed by the open lands, farms, and the greenest green trees that were the only things in sight. Jaw-droppingly gorgeous. (And a nice change from peeking across the way at endless concrete buildings!)

We arrived in Blue Mountain, and the weight just slipped right off our shoulders. There was no obligations, and nothing to do but have fun. (My kind of weekend!)

Golf games were had, drinks were shared, delicious dinners were indulged in, followed by the epicity (yep - just picked that one right out of the air) of Beaver Tails - which if you've never heard of them, they're just like elephant ears, sugary goodness, topped with even more sugary goodness. My belly was a happy camper that day.

It was three days and two nights of pure relaxation. Views of the most adorable village found in Ontario, and lights that lit the whole sky up at night. Soul soothing stuff.

I've got these bad boys plastered in plain view - and the wallpaper on my iPhone has yet to made disappoint, have you downloaded yours? Make sure you check out Between Dreams newest feature Kick Start for some encouraging words and free goodies. From me to you. With love. Highfives. And the occassional fist-pump.


As soon as we got home on Sunday, it was back outside to enjoy the last bits of sun. We hopped on our bikes (mine lovingly named Hodor) and pedaled our way through and out of the downtown core for some much needed movement. (You know, just to be sure those Beaver Tails didn't turn into Beaver Thighs.)

20K conquered. Allergies suffered through. Grass played in. Icecream devoured in a flash of rain. A perfect way to top of the weekend, I'd say.


I couldn't possibly leave without rehashing my love for our new digs! (All that built up anticipation and all...) But seriously. This small town girl made the trek to the big city and has been surrounded by concrete buildings ever since. And in a few short days, we'll be living across from this. OHEMGEE.

Prepare yourselves for the amount of happy that will surely explode through your screens. Oh yes, it's going to happen.

OTHER GOODIES: late night chats with my love + celebrating our two month anniversary (haha!) +  smoothie love all-around + blistering summer heat + feeling extra guided towards my passions + morning snuggles with the fur babies + the big BBQ purchase + Jack Johnson kicking off the day, every day + new loves, new life + spontaneous dance parties + hearing the words you need to hear at that exact moment + inspiration in unexpected places + you guys, seriously, times a million, I love you.

Over to you, sweet love o' mine: What are you feeling especially grateful for these days?


  1. I like that you named your bike "Hodor"! :)

  2. Good luck living among the boxes for the time being. :) You are gonna love your new place, I can tell by your excitement!

  3. That weekend get-away sounds perfect! Sometimes I'm so into planning things that I forget that something like can just be thrown together. Also, I'm guessing you are at the tail end of this moving process right now, so best of luck! xxx