Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Goals Before 2014: Setting The Tone (Week 2 + 3)

My apologies for the late post today, the first day after the long weekend is always such a hectic one! But I hope everyone's feeling amped up to tackle this week and another goal!

My focus last week was on getting my house in order and knocking off those less-than-thrilling "to do" items off the list, and let me just say, putting pen to paper and crossing those items off felt so good!

I'll be honest, a couple of those items were left to the wayside since we travelled back to our hometown for Canadian Thanksgiving, leaving less than enough time to get it all done... but I have officially changed my last name on all legal paperwork (in case you're new here, I got married last April... so that one's been nudging me for awhile now!), I've made space for a couple tasks that I've been wanting to do for months now, and we've found some really awesome artwork for our home... making it feel more "us".

Regarding this project as a whole, I did do some time going through my goals and two big questions have been popping up:

1. Is this something I really want to do?
2. How will I feel after I've accomplished this?

These are two Q's that I have been and will continue to ask myself as we navigate ourselves through the rest of the year, since the ULTIMATE goal is to invite joy + ease + all kinds of feel-good emotions. Just a little somethin' somethin' to think about as you pick and choose your own slam-dunk goals.

WEEK 2 + 3: SETTING THE TONE {October 14 - 28}
My aim here is to create a morning routine that sets the tone for the rest of my day. To me, this means opening my eyes earlier, getting myself on my feet, and carving out time for me.

Sometimes that might mean hitting my yoga mat, or moving my body in some way. It might mean opening up a book, sitting down to meditate, scribbling in my notebook, or simply sipping tea while daydreaming out the window. What I plan to cut out is: checking my phone as soon as I wake up, hitting the snooze button, and scrambling to head out the door first thing.

As you can see, I'm setting aside two weeks to really help create an awesome morning routine that I can stick with. The reason for this is, well, I like to sleep. I love to sleep. Mornings are so not my forte. What I do know for sure is that the mornings that I have hopped out of bed early, that same sense of calm and clarity has travelled with me throughout the day. While I know this will be difficult for me, by giving myself some extra time along with the public accountability, I'm excited to feel the buzz of the morning high throughout my days, even if I have to drag myself out of the comfy (warm, inviting, glorious) bed.

OVER TO YOU: Have you been setting goals lately? How do you pick and choose 'em?


  1. Oh, I love the idea of establishing a morning routine! I've started working from home a lot more, and I sort of feel like I'm floating around trying to figure out how to start my day. Maybe trying out a few new things, like a bit of exercise or writing in my journal, will help me wake up and tell my brain "it's time to go!"


    1. Yes, definitely! I feel like having a solid morning routine makes SUCH a difference, and really maps out the feel of the entire day! Fingers crossed, I will have to wait and see! Good luck with starting up your own "you" time in the AM! xx