Friday, October 25, 2013

Reflections in Nature

I had a good laugh at myself as I was uploading these photos, as it's clear there's a theme surrounding Between Dreams this week. We kick-started the week by celebrating how far we've come, we've recognized our past (and created space from it), and I touched upon my own reflective state during my sort of "life update" in The Love List. Yep, it's all about reflection.

It was just three short weeks ago that I shared our adventures from Silver Peak, promising to give you a glimpse of the magnificent views of the canoe ride after the hike, and here we are.

Sometimes there simply are no words to accompany the sights. Just silence and a striking amazement at how truly vast and spectacular our world is. And while we're heading inwards towards our own reflection, nature is there with you, side-by-side, breathing the same experience.

A quick Q before you head out: Are there any themes currently popping up in your life? Little nudges that've been calling your name lately? I'd love for you to share in the comments! xx

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