Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Goals Before 2014: Juice Cleanse Recap + RETREAT (Week 7)

After feeling a bit wishy-washy, off and on, and a big ol' "meh" the past coupla weeks... I'm back! I'm feelin' like I have a renewed sense of energy and an all around FI-YAH! that's been lit beneath me.

Let's do a little recap, shall we?

THE INTENTION: Radiance. Nourishment (clean foods) + Movement (sweating it out!) followed up with a three-day juice cleanse.

THE PREP: During the week I swapped out sugar for hydration, greens, and super foods with the help of meal planning to keep me on track. Often, for me, it's when I get over-hungry that the cravings set in and I'll indulge my sweet tooth, so the key was to not let that happen. Preparation is key! Having healthier options within reach goes a long way.

On top of that, my intention was to mix things up, stir around stagnant old energy, and make way for the (shining, glorious) NEW. I did short bursts of workouts in the evening to get my blood pumping, fit in a rock climbing sesh, and treated myself to an intense Bikram yoga class that always leaves me feeling totally, 100% refreshed. 

THE CLEANSE: 6 Nourishing Juices. 3 Days. 

Let's get real: I was pretty nervous about this experience. This is the second time I've done this cleanse, and the first time around, it wasn't so pretty. I was physically sick, had insane-o withdrawals, and I had to sneak in small amounts of food just to keep my hunger/ headaches/ nausea at bay. It was tough. Really, freaking tough.

Since then, about a year ago, I've completely and utterly transformed my lifestyle. I've transformed.

And, you guys! The difference it has made! Not to say that this cleanse isn't difficult to stick with, because there was some definite cravings that I had to fight off, and definite moments of "Oh my, I feel super crappy right now." but here's a short-version of how it all went down:

Day One: Juices 1-4, feeling ahhh-mazing! In the evening, the cravings set in and I was itching for junk food. Anything salty, greasy, loaded with sugar, giveittomerightnow! I still had a ton of energy, but just felt hungry, so I called it a night and went to bed early.

Day Two: Woke up feeling ready to tackle the day! Juices 1-3, I was feeling awesome, and I prepped all the juices for the rest of the day + half for the following day. Since I was whipping up all the recipes myself, I definitely was feelin' a bit chained to my juicer. Juice 4 (Spicy Lemonade) was starting to become really difficult to get down. I was feeling rather consumed by spend all of my days juicing + drinking juice, please give me something else to do! Stir crazy? Yes, I think so. Down Juice 5 + 6 went, and I just felt a total lack of energy. My cravings switched from junk food to sushi, red peppers, massive salads, and fruits. Figured my cabin fever was getting the best of me, and went for a walk around our neighbourhood. My energy levels were depleting at a rapid rate, and thoughts of giving up were pressing against my mind.

Day Three: Hopped out of bed feeling like a completely different person than the night before. Energy levels were soaring. I was shocked at how well the experience was going for me, and was expecting a crash later on in the day, but it never happened. Cravings were nearly diminished for me at this point, and I just felt good, although, admittedly, I was getting tired of the same tastes day-after-day. There was a definite mini-dance party going on after I sipped down the last juice of the day. 

POST-CLEANSE: Energy levels are ramped RIGHT UP. Usually, I'd hit a wall throughout the day where I'd start feeling completely exhausted, and that tired, sluggish feeling isn't there anymore. I'm waking up more alert, and that energy is being carried on straight through until it's time to call it a night. My body is feeling SO much lighter, and that icky bloated feeling has totally diminished. On top of that, the dial on my sugar cravings has been turned WAY down, which feels like a total breath of fresh air.

Moving forward, I don't think that a cleanse is a way to clean out your system just so you can go back to your old ways and bad habits. It's not a solution to a problem. It's a kick start to a better way of living. To more intentional choices. That's what this week has been for me, and it's what I'll carry with me in the days ahead. It's time to invite RADIANCE in wherever I go. (Can I get a hell-yeah?!)

What about you? Have you thought about doing a juice cleanse? Have you done it before? I'd LOVE to hear all about it.

{Side note - the recipes that I used can be found here, and my (extensive) first review of the cleanse is right here.}

WEEK 7: RETREAT {November 18 - 25}
Starting Friday, I'll be heading offline for a 3-day at-home retreat, which will consist of a whole lotta journalling + reading + meditation + BEING which I just KNOW is going to feel like a giant AHHHH throughout my entire body. Sometimes life can feel like one giant go, go, go and we forget to dial it back and tap into our own inner wisdom + life force. Self-care at its finest, my love, and it's going to be grand!

DECLARE IT: What are your goals for the week? Drop it like it's hot in the comments!

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